About Night Lights Ireland

Stormhall Limited was established in 2007. We started working one market a week and have now expanded to all the large shows around Ireland. We started selling nightlights in 2008 and now we are the largest retailer of nightlights in Ireland and probably Europe. We have grown the product from a novelty item to a very functional product. With our LED bulbs, we not only supply a pretty and safe product but a money saving product. People use their nightlights to light hallways, landings, porches’ and kitchens at 1/20 of the cost of a standard bulb. Only in the last few weeks we have started personalising children’s nightlights and hope to grow this side of the business to all age groups’. All our personalised nightlights are bone china.

Our children’s cardigans are machine washable. We have a huge variety of the most fashionable and colourful cardigans in Ireland. All our cardigans are made in Peru using the highest quality material. We cater for ages 0 to 7 year olds.

Our prices with our quality will not be beaten.

Alan O Brien, CEO Stormhall Limited

Night Lights Ireland Night Lights Ireland